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Put your best image forward.

The Xerox Nuvera® 120/144/157 EA Production System sets a new benchmark in the world of on-demand printing. It is a customisable commercial printer that offers three efficient speeds, a high level of image quality with progressive monochrome technology, exceptional output, high productivity and a wide range of finishing options, as well as a healthy return on investment. 

There is an optional paper-feeding module and finisher module enabling users to restock paper and refill toner during printing, ensuring continuous operation. Save on labour with the stapler mechanism which comes with the finisher module. Print up to A3 or SRA3 efficiently with this powerful monochrome commercial printer. 

Our monochrome printer uses EA toner, which cuts CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process by 35%, thereby reducing environmental burden. EA Toner plays a key role in the uncommonly high level of imaging quality this system delivers, producing fine lines with maximum details and a smooth offset-like matte finish.

With enhanced productivity and reduced costs, the Nuvera® 144 EA Digital Production System will help customers expand their business in high-speed digital printing.



  • Complete versatility and customisation to meet your needs – choose the speed, feeding, scanning, finishing, and software options that best fit your needs, with the option to change as your business changes


  • Delivers a high level of imaging quality with progressive monochrome technology, providing exceptional output that will keep your customers coming back


  • Supported by the FreeFlow® Digital Workflow collection of solutions, enabling you to enhance, automate, and simplify your workflow and increase productivity


  • Unsurpassed reliability, increased uptime, greater serviceability, and trouble-free operation through state-of-the-art engineering


  • Supports an expansive range of data: Adobe PostScript, PCL, PDF, TIFF, ASCII, LCDS, IPDS and variable data formats such as FreeFlow® VI Interpreter (VIPP) and PPML


  • From feeding to finishing, it’s a modular system that’s all about you. Choose from an expansive array of options to create the Xerox Nuvera® 100/120/144 EA Production System that best suites you business model


  • Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to work within a number of network environments to produce business-building applications on a variety of equipment



  • Scalable Configurations – can be configured with different print speed of 120, 144 or 157 images per minute, with multiple sheet feed options, integrated or free-standing scanner, and a wide range of finishing options, from simple to complex


  • Non-stop operation – reload paper trays and replace toner/developer containers while the system is running, to maintain productivity and avoid downtime


  • Standard Sheet Enhancement Module (SEM) enables outstanding stack quality and enhanced reliability for finishing options. Available for system configured with BFM and/or FTM finishing options


  • Xerox FreeFlow® Digital Workflow Collection is designed to enhance, automate and simplify existing workflow, making it easier to manage jobs from creation to final output. This eventually helps in increasing productivity


  • Revolutionary EA fine particle toner creates quality that is comparable to, or exceeds, offset-level output, with finer lines, higher levels of detailing, and a smooth matte finish


  • Superior monochrome image quality with 1200 x 1200 dpu RIP resolution, 4800 x 600 dpi print resolution, and half tone screens at up to 156 lpi, customisable job by job


  • Various finishing options


  • Color integration, via post-process insertion, boosts your document value by allowing you to insert color covers and inserts


  • Translating Electronic Registration (TELER) controls the position and the speed of each sheet travelling through the paper path, thus providing consistent accurate images and precise registration (+/- 0.65 mm) image-to-sheet and front-to-back registration


  • FreeFlow® Print Server controller technology provides unmatched process power with the ability to simultaneously spool, RIP, and print several small jobs or a long, streaming job; queues that can simplify and automate workflow, print and re-print on demand locally or remotely; strong security features, enhanced data-stream support, output quality, and pre-press functions